Mon, 28/05/2018 to Wed, 30/05/2018
Bengaluru, INDIA
25% Discount for GRA members & sponsors<a href="/sites/default/files/WGIC_Final%20facts%20pack%20v1%203-11.pdf" >WGIC_Final facts pack v1 3-11.pdf</a>

This congress is the 11th WGIN has held since 2009.


GRAus was a founding member of WGIN and Matt Dillon has been eVP since 2014.
Matt said that this congress is especially significant for raising government & public awareness about the benefits of green infrastructure urban planning, considering the population, development and wealth expansion in India. The host city will be Bengaluru, which was once the greenest city in India, comparable to Babylon, however it is now a super-tech city expanding with commercial office buildings.

The government authorities have endorsed this WGIC2018 congress to assist with policy and professional development which is green friendly.

GRA members, sponsors and supporters are eligible for 25% discount on tickets or exhibition fees.

WGIC_Final facts pack v1 3-11.pdf