GRA - Structure

GRA was formed in 2006 & works closely with government, companies and other associations to foster urban regeneration, renewal and Building Integrated Vegetation systems for the built environment which will provide social, environmental and economical benefits through healthier, natural ecosystem services.

GRA is supportive of all associations which Advance the Natural Environment and to date we have worked closely with Horticulture Australia; the Nursery & Gardens Industry of Australia; Australian Institute of Landscape Architects; the Green Building Council of Australia; Universities; Local & State Governments and Capital City Councils.

On the International stage, Matthew Dillon, the current President for GRA is active as the Vice President for the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) and has developed extensive global networks with other International organisations & companies.

GRA Board:

Matthew Dillon
Tanya Excell
Ruzica Mohorko
Ana Carolina Carneiro Napoli
Zoe Cooper-Zimmerman

GRA Contacts: