Education Facilitation Disemmination Promotion

For GRA sponsorship is a two way street. As a NFP association we rely on membership fees, contributions and sponsorship from the commercial sector. As the peak body GRA provides an essential link between the public, commercial and institutional sectors. This link is a combination of education, facilitation, disemmination and promotion of the latest technology and research data.

The most efficient and effective way for GRA to link all sectors is through our online service and at our National Conferences. We understand the need for information to be available and current and we also value the opportunity for one on one contact at our conferences. We offer this link to our sponsors who also believe that it is necessary to connect with designers, the general public and academics in order to improve, develop and provide this industry with quality systems.

GRA has also received Government Grants in order to provide education and raise awareness about the environmental, social & economic benefits of green infrastructure in the urban context.

Please contact us if you wish to support our efforts with sponsorship, contribution or grant information.

Regarding SPONSORSHIP, CONTRIBUTION OR GRANTS contact:- sponsorship@greenroofsaustralasia.com.au