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Atlassian Hybrid Tower

Tech Hub Tower Sydney
Posted on Thu, 2020-06-25 14:27 by matt


Unfortunately, the perfect Green storm only occurs on a new development when there are clients like Atlassian; designers like SHoP Architects from NYC and BVN from Sydney. Similarly, Stanley Quek from Frasers pushing for 'One Central Park' on Broadway. These iconic projects occur because they are commercially driven based in sound CSR principles and not because of sustainable, innovative government planning codes demanding them.

Cost of Australian Heat Waves

Posted on Wed, 2020-04-15 16:53 by matt


What are the costs of heatwaves?

Increased exposure to heatwaves amplifies the adverse economic impacts on industries that are reliant on the health of their outdoor workers. This is in addition to the extreme heat-related fatalities and health-care costs of heatwave-related medical emergencies. As a PwC report to the Commonwealth on extreme heat events stated:

Just Add Green

Posted on Wed, 2020-04-15 15:52 by matt


Green infrastructure refers to standalone and strategically networked environmental features designed for environmental, social and economic benefits. Examples include permeable surfaces, green walls, green roofs and street trees.

Biophilic Design Reduces Stress

Posted on Fri, 2020-04-10 16:04 by matt

Nature has a Solution

Biophilic design (design features that reconnect people with nature) help reduce stress in the workplace & home. In an ideal world every interior & flat rooftop will have either a green wall or green roof to compensate for the lack of contact with nature that is a reality for many urban dwellers in 2020.

Such amenities are in line with scientific and psychological theories about humans’ intrinsic need for exposure to natural environments — a disposition known as biophilia.

Green Roofs for Positive Change

Posted on Mon, 2020-02-17 17:45 by matt

Australia Needs To Join The Green Revolution

Rooftops covered with grass, vegetable gardens and lush foliage are now a common sight in many cities around the world. More and more private companies and city authorities are investing in green roofs, drawn to their wide-ranging benefits which include savings on energy costs, mitigating the risk from floods, creating habitats for urban wildlife, tackling air pollution and urban heat and even producing food.