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Fytogreen celebrates 21 years leading the way
 in elevated green landscapes


Fytogreen, Australia’s leading green infrastructure specialists, has plenty to celebrate. With a history of innovation and excellence, Fytogreen is proud to have played a significant role in shaping the industry. And with award-winning projects, influential products, and industry firsts under its belt, today marks 21 years of taking resilient living architecture to new heights.

 FROM A BUD OF AN IDEA TO A FLOURISHING BUSINESSIn 2002, horticultural innovator Geoff Heard founded the company on a quest to bridge the gap between nature and cities. His mission was to transform even the most challenging environments into vibrant oases of green.

 In 2002 Geoff introduced HYDROCELL, a biodegradable light-weight soil improver that revolutionised the horticultural industry by offering new, exciting opportunities to build sustainable gardens at any height and scale. In 2007, through more ground-breaking product developments, Fytogreen’s first vertical garden product was born. FYTOWALL, a soil-less green wall panel system, set the precedent for other greening companies to follow.

 In 2009, botanist and biophilic garden designer Erik van Zuilekom brought his encyclopaedic knowledge to the team. He ensures that Fytogreen’s living architecture applications not only provide aesthetic delight, but are highly adaptive and resilient bringing health and environmental benefits to all.

 Over the past 21 years, Fytogreen has continued to grow its capabilities to meet the changing demands of the industry. With over 1,000 successful sustainable gardens integrated into architecture, Fytogreen has achieved many notable milestones, including the largest roof garden in the southern hemisphere and Australia’s tallest indoor green wall.


 Then and Now


  • Federation Square (Install #1 - 2002) planter box media and still thriving today!
  • Hickory Developments (Install #20, Feb 2009) indoor green wall
  • ANZ Docklands (Install #32, Aug 2009) 162m2 outdoor north facing green wall
  • Elm Apartments (Install #50, Sept 2010) 2 x internal lobby green walls
  • Triptych Apartments (Install #51, Sept 2010) –206m2 external green wall 

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