Green Roof Benefits

Posted on Thu, 2024-05-09 13:36 by matt


The benefits of green roofs are enormous. They contribute to better stormwater management and reduce the effect of urban heat islands as their plants play a cooling role during hot summer months. Green roofs can also be surprisingly effective against pollution as plant photosynthesis improves air quality. With their insulating effect providing additional protection against solar radiation, green roofs can also reduce the amount of energy needed to regulate building temperatures, whereas conventional roofs lose heat in the winter but heat up in the summer.

Depending on their design, rooftop gardens can also support a variety of plant and animal life, which ultimately has a positive impact on all ecosystems. Additionally, they help bees and other pollinators play their crucial roles. Further, visual and ecological diversity can have an overall positive impact on the community and the psychological well-being of city dwellers.