Barangaroo Reserve_Sydney CBD

Posted on: Fri, 2022-04-01 17:54   By: matt
Barangaroo Headland Reserve
Date of completion:
WMK Architects
Owner Name:
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Andresens Green Nursery supplied and installed all plants and trees for the Headland project.

The area will be covered with turf and trees to provide a natural park land for all visitors to the precinct. ClimaFoam XPS Board has high compressive strength, which makes it suitable for applications that will be subjected to high load bearings.

The ClimaFoam XPS Boards used were 600mm wide x 2200mm long, a convenient size to make installation quick. The boards also had a shiplap edge, which helped the installers secure the boards with an intimate contact at the joins, to ensure the high thermal performance of the insulation isn't compromised by gaps.

ClimaFoam XPS Board was laid over waterproong membranes and Geotextile fabrics with a drainage cell system installed on top. Adding further to the moisture management of the system, ClimaFoam XPS Board has a closed-cell structure which makes it highly water resistant.
ClimaFoam XPS Board will provide high thermal insulation and with high compressive strength, the boards will be able to sustain the static and dynamic loads.

Project Type: 
Green Roof
Building Type: 
Green Roof Type: 
Extensive & Intensive
Green Infrastructure Type: 
Public Green Space
Test/Research Greenroof/Wall: 
Green Roof/Wall System: 
Number of Greenroofs / Walls on Property: 
Roof/Wall Size: 
6 300.00m²
Roof/Wall Slope: 
Roof Accessibility/Amenity: 
Open to the Public: 
Designers/Manufacturer of Record: 
Andreasens Green Nursery provided all the planting to the reserve area of 6000 sqm and to all the terracing around the reserve. The terracing planters are 800 mm wide and 1000 mm deep which allows a suitable profile fot trees and shrubs. Knauf Insulation supplied 5,907m2 of 50mm and 424m2 of 75mm 300kPa, ClimaFoam® XPS Board for the main structural “green roof” on the Barangaroo Headland Park Public Domain Building.
Developer: LendLease