Environmental Sustainability & Accreditation:

Envirosystems is wholly owned Australian brand committed to the supply and production of the most environmentally sound products of their type on the market.

Volatile Organise Components (VOCs) are airborne particles that can have negative health implications such as respiratory damage, allergic reactions and chronic problems resulting from long-term exposure.

The Envirosystems range utilises the most up-to-date technology for the reduction of VOCs whilst delivering best practice performance and ease of use.

Products supplied under the Envirosystems brand are certified as environmentally friendly by a Government accredited third party testing authority.

They are not simply re-branded as a ‘green product’. They demonstrate test results certifying VOC content and standards to which these results comply.

The products developed under the Envirosystems label are designed with environmental responsibility as their central theme.

Envirosystems provide expert consultation and supply services for green roof installations for commercial and residential projects of any size. The friendly staff will ensure that all waterproofing technical specifications are supplied for project needs including the supply of drainage cell and geofabrics.

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Founded in St. Peters, NSW, Envirosystems Technologies has become one of the
leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction chemicals in Australia.
Envirosystems Technologies, formerly Waterproofing Technologies, has grown its
base since inception and now supply products and system solutuons to industries in
addition to Waterproofing; these includes Coatings, Floorings, Sealants & Adhesives
and Remedial Solutions.


Envirosystems prides itself on its high level of quality and product assurance and has
demonstrated commitment to, and support of, environmentally responsible

The business supplies products and solutions to applicators operating across the full
range of the construction market, including Tier 1 construction projects, commercial
and residential trade construction as well as direct wholesale and retail through its
Trade Centre at St. Peters. In addition, consultation with Builders, Architects and
Engineers is provided on a collaborative basis to deliver the optimum system solution
using the appropriate products.

Australasian Representation:

Envirosystems has a national presence with sales centres in NSW, Victoria,
Queensland and WA, in addition we have representatives covering SA, NT, Tasmania
and New Zealand.

Contact name: 
Michael Gardiner
Contact phone: 
02 8595 8699