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With over 35 years in business, Green Design has grown to over 35 staff, and is now one of Australia’s leading indoor plant hire and vertical garden companies. Green Design started out as a family business in 1982 we have always believed in a commitment to innovation, our people and the delivery of quality service and dealings with our customers and suppliers alike.




If there is one message we want to communicate, it’s that we work together with our clients. Our clients are more than a part of the process, they’re the reason we are in business. The fact that many of our clients have been with us for so long is the greatest compliment we can have.

At Green Design, we move as a team. In doing so, we find that success takes care of itself. More than 30% of our staff have been at Green Design longer than 10 years, with some working here for over 20!

That says a lot about our company and the standards we uphold. We accomplish more for our clients through our own collaboration and enjoy a better work environment. 

Green roofs (also known as roof gardens) enhance the visual impact of roof spaces by improving building insulation, regulating the indoor climate, and increasing the overall environmental impact of residential and commercial buildings.

Green Roofs & Sustainability Green roofs and green balconies are becoming an essential part of modern sustainable buildings. The benefits of living roof gardens are many and include improved sound insulation, reduced heating requirements, reduced stormwater runoff and can help reduce the heat island effect in urban areas.

 About the Green Design Verti-gan Roof Garden System

Whereas a traditional green roof comprises of many layers including a waterproofing layer, a root barrier, and a drainage layer, plus of course the growing medium, Green Design’smodular Verti-gan system replaces many of these layers and is therefore lighter and more scalable.

 The system uses one 4mm thick impervious polypropylene water storage module, above which spacer and a planter module are placed, allowing for different size plants to be used in the green roof. Modules can be connected both vertical and horizontally so that large roofs can be planted, as well as smaller spaces such as balconies.



The roof garden is watered using an efficient tidal irrigation method, first flooding the modules and then draining them. Water can be recirculated. This eb and flow system ensures that no water is wasted, and storage can be provided for unused rainwater. The Verti-gan Green Roof is an innovative and cost-efficient modular roof garden system.


Vertical Greenery, such as Green Walls, Vertical Gardens and Moss Walls has become extremely popular in corporate spaces, providing an eye-catching indoor plant display without taking up too much space.


Green Design’s Products and Services include:


  • Green Roof Systems- sales and maintenance
  • Green Wall systems- sales and maintenance
  • Vertical Garden Systems- sales, rental and maintenance
  • Potted plants indoor and outdoor- rental and maintenance


To contact us for sales or other enquiries:

Craig Atkins- Technical Sales Manager


Phone: 61 2 9410 0204

Mobile: 61433 194 983


Contact name: 
Craig Atkins- Technical Sales Manager
Contact phone: 
61 2 9410 0204