Brisbane City Council ACT

Posted on Wed, 2018-09-19 16:42 by matt

Developers will be encouraged to include rooftop gardens and communal space on new apartment projects under proposed changes to Brisbane’s City Plan.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announced the amendments to the city plan on Tuesday which will allow developers to incorporate a rooftop communal area without listing it as an additional storey.

The proposed changes to the Brisbane City Plan will formalise council support for rooftop gardens and green spaces in new residential developments.

“These changes will allow new developments to include a rooftop communal area, without listing it as an additional storey,” Quirk said.  

“Council will also have the ability to ask developers to incorporate and maintain green spaces on the rooftops and walls of new apartment buildings, to support our vision of a clean, green and sustainable city. ”

Aria Property Group design manager Simon White said the developer is supportive of the policy change.

“Today's move by council will make it easier for developers to deliver higher quality and more comfortable and useable spaces.

“We think the roofscape of high density buildings is a huge opportunity to deliver world-class amenity for residents.”