Calgary Condo Green Roof_CAN

Posted on Mon, 2019-04-15 13:20 by matt


Across the Bow River in Calgary’s southwest inner-city community of Bankview, inner-city developer Rndsqr has hit the sweet spot with Grow, a distinctive 20-unit condominium project that revolves around green roofs and gardening.

Designed by Moda Architecture, the collection of townhomes, apartment-style condominiums and lofts, features contemporary architecture that works with the sloped site, forming three roof-top terraces that zigzag in a switchback formation. The beautifully landscaped rooftops will be the backdrop for social connections and be a place filled with peace. Raised garden beds will provide 1,500 square feet of communal gardening space, some of which will be tended by YYC Grow. In return for the use of the space, residents will receive a weekly harvest box, brimming with fresh produce. Each home also has a private terrace, some as large as 300 square feet, an ample size for a peppering of blooming containers.