Floating Gardens

Posted on Mon, 2020-07-27 13:35 by matt

Floating Gardens / Floating Wetlands

Fytogreens floating gardens ( sometimes called floating wetlands) are designed to vegetate ponds, waterways, dams, quarries and waterbodies requiring either an aesthetic treatment, habitat production or water processing/rehabilitation to reduce pollutants.

The floating gardens / floating wetlands module is an effective and sustainable technology to improve water conditions.  Floating wetlands water treatment requires plants to be vegetated on a floating mat while their roots are extended down to the contaminated water acting as biological filters.

The Fytogreen system is hydroponic, thereby plants receive all nutrition directly from the water column. This ensures plants direct all their potential to absorb nutrients, including pollutants and heavy metals, directly from the water they are growing in, rather than organics held within their rooting substrate. This is a highly efficient means of utilising vegetation to condition a site, aiding in rehabilitation and remediation towards healthier conditions and habitats.

These technologies have been widely adopted for many years for treating various kinds of polluted water including agricultural runoff, stormwater, industrial effluents, algee blooms etc.

Nutrients and potentially toxic element are taken up from the water by plants through their roots whereas organic matter is degraded by the microorganisms forming biofilms on the roots and mat surface.   Additionally, organic contaminants which are already taken up by the plants are degraded by endophytic bacteria in planta.


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