Football Green Roofs

Posted on Wed, 2018-09-19 16:20 by matt
POLAND Nophadrain has started marketing a system that allows for the creation of large public spaces on the roofs in Poland.

Additional living space can now be created in what had previously been difficult places to develop. Nophadrain, claims that projects on the roofs of schools and shopping centres are very popular and such spaces can now be seen in Poland (Wrocław), the Netherlands, Serbia and Tokyo. In 2013 a sports field was opened on the roof of an Ikea store in Utrecht in the Netherlands resulting a further 12,000 sqm being added to the building’s useable area. The local authorities would not allow the centre to expand because it would have destroyed existing sporting facilities so two artificial grass pitches with a total area of 20,000 sqm were built on the roof of the building as well as a club room on the roof of the new car park. Nophadrain has developed green roofs with footpaths made of concrete and natural stone.

The ND 600 / ND 620 Integrated Drainage System allows such surfaces to be constructed without risking damage to the roof. The compression resistant surface allows for water drainage with a filtration layer made from a woven and very durable geotextile.