Posted on Mon, 2019-03-25 18:02 by matt

Largest Green Roof Solar Installation in New York City Advances Governor's Nation-Leading Clean Energy and Jobs Agenda

YES NYC has a PLAN to be carbon neutral.

Firstly, take note - PV solar panels are more efficent on a green roof due to the lower ambient temperatures provided by the plants.
PV's like COOLER ROOF ENVIRONMENTS ie green roofs.
More than 4,000 solar panels will be constructed over the HVAC units on the Javits Center's established green roof so as not to impact plants on the building's rooftop. An additional street-level solar array would be constructed on 11th Avenue. The 17-story Javits Center has undertaken numerous projects to drive sustainability efforts in New York City, transforming the nation's busiest convention center into a LEED Silver-certified jewel on the Hudson River.

A comprehensive renovation completed in 2014 at the Javits Center included a 6.75-acre green roof, one of the largest of its kind in the country. The green roof, complete with metering and sensors to control and customize temperatures throughout the facility, led to highly energy efficient operations, including a 26 percent reduction in energy consumption. The green roof, which will lower ambient temperatures around the arrays and result in a more holistic and efficient design, also has served as a sanctuary for area wildlife, providing a habitat for more than 26 bird species, five bat species and thousands of honey bees. The location and size of the flat roof provides an optimal solution for hosting solar arrays.

The perfect marriage.