National Action is Too Slow

Posted on Wed, 2018-09-19 17:15 by matt

WHY does Australia continue to fall behind on initiatives associated with the mitigation of climate change ie GREEN ROOFS?

In the United States, New York has taken strides to make green roofs more ubiquitous, and will allocate $1.5 billion to green infrastructure through 2030. Chicago, the third-largest U.S. city, has been at the forefront of the green roof trend, now boasting an estimated 5.6 million-square feet of vegetated roofing, according to the city.

While design and implementation of a green roof may require help from a licensed landscape architect, the concept is not too difficult to comprehend.

Most people are familiar with solar panels being affixed to roofs to absorb heat and convert it into energy. With green roofs, architects literally plant vegetation atop roofs as a way to decrease temperatures thousands of feet above ground level, mitigate stormwater pollution, drive down energy costs, and/or various other purposes, several outlined below.