Six-point sustainability plan for Australia’s cities

Posted on Sun, 2014-03-02 02:27 by Rosie M.

“Australian cities are the country’s largest productivity and residential hubs, hosting three quarters of our population and generating more than 80 per cent of our GDP. A nationally-coordinated focus on cities is paramount,” says Romilly Madew, Chair of ASBEC’s Cities and Regions Policy Task Group.


ASBEC has developed a six-point plan for Australia’s cities to ensure they are globally competitive, productive, sustainable, liveable, socially inclusive and able to meet our future challenges.

The six point plan calls for the support of all political parties to help support the following actions:

  1. Elevate the Major Cities Unit and establish a Minister for Cities and Urban Development
  2. Adopt a national approach to our cities with a strong governance framework
  3. Establish an Urban Infrastructure Fund
  4. Align Infrastructure Australia with National Urban Policy
  5. Deliver a quantum leap in sustainable, affordable housing
  6. Focus on climate change adaptation and resilience.

“How our cities grow and take shape will have a major impact on our people and their future prosperity,” said Ms Madew.

“While we applaud the work of the current Australian Government – particularly the establishment of the Major Cities Unit and launch of the National Urban Policy – we must now transform these ideas into actions and results.”

“The policies and programs we implement today will determine whether our cities are prosperous, liveable and sustainable places for many generations to come,” Ms Madew concluded.

Source: Architecture & Design