St Louis MO Modular

Posted on Tue, 2020-02-18 16:38 by matt

The lobby and main entrance of the St. Charles Methodist Church in St. Charles, Missouri looks out over a small flat roof area, below. Like many white membrane roof owners, they quickly learned how fast they can get ugly.

As this roof is highly visible to every visitor, they turned to Green Roof Blocks to it spruce up last summer 2019.

Green Roof Blocks laid drain core with a root barrier over the TPO membrane. Then we laid the newly redesigned 24″ x 24″ Green Paks with the burlap face out and framed them with slotted aluminum edging.

Image: Green Roof Blocks

Pre-grown sedum tiles gave us this lush full plant canopy from day one. We hauled in three yards of green roof growth media resulting in an 18″ depth to fill in the drainage culvert in between the aluminum edging and the side.

The high porosity of the green roof growth media allows the water draining from the roof to readily pass through. A row of boxwoods was the perfect accent.

Image: Green Roof Blocks

Thanks to the readiness of Green Roof Block’s new Green Paks, the St. Charles Methodist Church now boasts a lush, multi-colored carpet of vegetation to welcome visitors and parishioners alike