Sustainable Prison_Sweden

Posted on Fri, 2019-04-05 15:39 by matt
Tabellen 4, a building in Sollentuna high-security remand prison in Stockholm, won the 2019 BREEAM Public Projects In-Use award for its range of eco-friendly initiatives including a 1,100 square meter green roof made of plants and turf, a ventilation system that recycles heat from the air, and a waste disposal room with storage for eight categories of waste. 
Vegetation and turf protects the roof from [solar] radiation, rainfall and temperature changes, as well helping facilitate the run-off of surface water onto the property, while also enabling pollination ... for insects, This is of most importance since the bee population is declining in the region. Aesthetically, the mixed vegetation around the building has the additional benefit of creating a more harmonious impression for residents & visitors.
Image: Green Roof on Sollentuna high-security remand prison in Stockholm. Courtesy CNN
Other features include installing low-flush wet rooms that reduce water consumption, fridges that are more energy-efficient and shifting to LED lighting, which can be switched on and off from a central surveillance center.
The building is heated and cooled using a mechanical ventilation system, which recycles energy in the air. This system has reduced the energy used for heating by 50-60%.
In addition all food waste from the prison kitchen is converted into biogas, 12% of the food offered is organic and at least two meals per week are vegetarian, according to Patrik Snellman, formerly assistant governor of Sollentuna.
The improvements to Tabellen 4 are part of a wider effort from the Kriminalvarden to increase the wellbeing of people who interact with prisons.
Employees, detainees, relatives and other visitors have presumed higher stress levels in an institutional environment like this. Research clearly shows that people are more contented in verdant settings, have better concentration and demonstrate more empathy, which, in turn, leads to better results, improved concentration and less sick leave. 
Verdant environments make inhabitants happier & healthier, even if you're doing LIFE.