World Green Roof Congress 2012 China

Posted on Wed, 2012-08-08 17:59 by matt

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Qiu Baoxing, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China
Zhou Ganzhi, Member of Chinese Academy of Science & Chinese Academy of Engineering, Former Vice Minister of Construction
Manfred Koehler, Professor, President of World Green Roof Infrastructure Network
Wu Zhiqiang, Professor, Chief Planner of Shanghai World Expo Park
Dr. Patrick Blanc, French National Scientific Research Centre, distinguished expert in vertical gardening
Ken Yeang, Chairman and Design Director, Principal of Llewellyn Davies Yeang and T. R. Hamzah and Yeang
Dusty Gedge, President of European Federation of Green Roof Associations
Linda Velazquez, Founder and publisher of
Steven Peck, Founder and President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Matthew Dillon, President of GreenRoofs Australasia and WGIN Board Member
Dr. Tai Lee Siang, Vice-President, Singapore Green Building Council
Wang Hsiao-ling, Professor, Taiwan – Landscape Gardening Association Honorary Chairman
Hajime Kosimizu, Professor, Honorary Chairman of the Japan Rooftop Landscaping Association

World Congress BookletWorld Congress Booklet