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Scientific testing of Knauf Green Roof products is taking place in two locations in Sydney. Knauf is a major supplier of insulation products around the world. Their new Green Roll substrate is now available Australia. The product is made from rock mineral fibres providing excellent water retention for different landscape applications. Offering significant improvements at a lower cost and weight than typical green roof systems.

Greenroof model of plant succession on Hawkesbury Sandstone

Posted on Thu, 2015-07-30 13:36 by Rosie M.

Plants can grow in extreme conditions. Here native plants are growing on soils that are only 30mm in depth. The species survive by attributes evolved in Australia's unique bushland. An ability to shut down in periods of drought, survive inundation during rain, requiring little nutrients and symbiotic relationships with micro-organisms are some of the evolved attributes.

Watch on YouTube: Greenroof model of plant succession on Hawkesbury Sandstone

Amazing green roofs and green walls around the world

Posted on Fri, 2013-10-11 19:48 by Rosie M.

Long popular in Europe and, in recent years, North America green roofs and walls are gaining popularity in Australia. Sure, they provide shelter from the elements, but they can definitely offer more.

Whether it is ecological, economical, or just simply visually stunning, here is a top ten of my favourites.

10) Imperial Hotel Roof

       Tokyo Japan