Amazing green roofs and green walls around the world

Posted on Fri, 2013-10-11 19:48 by Rosie M.

Long popular in Europe and, in recent years, North America green roofs and walls are gaining popularity in Australia. Sure, they provide shelter from the elements, but they can definitely offer more.

Whether it is ecological, economical, or just simply visually stunning, here is a top ten of my favourites.

10) Imperial Hotel Roof

       Tokyo Japan


9) The Paddington Reservoir

     Sydney, Australia


8) Nanyang Technological University; School of Arts, Design and Media



7) House at the outskirts of Brussels

    Brussels, Belgium


6) The High Line

     New York, USA


5) Santa Lucia Preserve Community

     California, USA


4) Living wall on the Musée du Quai Branly

    Paris, France


3) Green Volcano Building - Vulcano Buono

    Nola, Italy


2) California Academy of Sciences

    San Francisco, USA


1) Beach Huts

    Blythe, England



 What is yours?