Posted on Fri, 2019-03-29 17:37 by matt

40 % of GHG emissions are from the built environment heating & cooling infrastructure. After all us humans need to be cosy in our cubes.IF building are the elephant in the room then why don't politicians take action on reviewing SEPP's , provide incentives & grants, mandate biosolar for new developments, provide greater FSR's for green roofs....etc and even review the BCA which is well due.

There's one really simply fact that we have been banging on about for 12 years. More Plants in urban areas reduce urban heat. Less heat means less air con means less GHG emissions. More plants ... Greener Cities ... Cooler Cities .... Cleaner Air .... Improved Biophilia.

Politicians Take Note: Less Grey Infrastructure and More Green infrastructure .... it's a win win.

Thanks to GBCA for this release:-

GBCA Policy RecommendationsInitiativeRecommendations
Initiative one Toward carbon positive buildings Establish a plan for net zero emissions buildings by 2050 in line with the GBCA's carbon positive roadmap
Initiative two Strong government leadership Remain committed to the Paris Agreement; a national framework addressing energy costs and emissions reduction
Initiative three A vision for cities and communities Implement "Building Up and Moving Out" report; the acceleration of the City Deals program
Initiative four Smarter infrastructure investments Deliver a consistent framework of incentives to leverage the delivery of healthier, productive and sustainable social infrastructure
Initiative five Affordable, sustainable housing Adopt a national strategy to promote more affordable, sustainable housing