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Project of the Month

Prince Alfred Park Pool Client: City of Sydney

Project by: Neeson Murcutt Architects / Sue Barnsley Design

The Pool was officially opened in June by Mayor Clover Moore and is another example of the 2030 Vision for Sydney. Read more in Project Gallery.  

Prince Alfred Park Pool  Prince Alfred Park Pool  


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LIBRARY resource centre

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  • Image Gallery:

    2011 / 2012 National Conference Images - Social, Tours, Delegates, Awards.

  • Media:

    This new addition has videos filmed by GRA:-
    Patrick Blanc, speaking on 1 Central Park, Sydney.
    Ed Snodgrass, USA expert speaking on GreenRoof Maintenance.
    John Loomis, SWAgroup speaking on the 'Giant' buildings massive GR in Shanghai.
    Larry Reed, SWAgroup USA speaking on the California Academy of Sciences GR.
    Daniel Baffsky, 360 degrees speaking on the Ivy in Sydney.

  • Publications

    Many new articles, papers and Research from Australia, NZ and overseas. 

Very special thanks to Anthony Kachenko (Nursery & Garden Industry Australia), Mostafa Razzaghmanesh (UniSACentre for Water Management and Reuse), Robyn Simcock (Landcare Research New Zealand) and Sheryn Pitman (Botanic Gardens of Adelaide) for sharing with us all this very useful information and materials.

If you are working on new and exciting projects or have heard of one in your area, we want to hear from you. We are always happy to hear from new research groups and people interested in collaborating with us.

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    2011 / 2012 National Greening Cities Conferences
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GRA News

  will be hosting 
 2014 SYDNEY

Venue: Australian Technology Park, Sydney.
Dates: September 02-05 2014

Call for Abstracts / Sponsorship Packages / Congress Program & Registrations available soon.


IFLA World Congress 2013 – New Zealand

Congratulations to ASPECT Studios (Project: Victorian Desalination Project) for winning 2013 IFLA APR Awards for Landscape Architecture - Award of Excellence for Landscape Planning Category!


National News

Sowing the seeds for greener cities

The University of Melbourne and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne today launched Australia's largest green roof research and outreach project at the University's Burnley Campus near Richmond.

Architect Vince Squillace plans City Rd tower with vertical garden over seven levels

Platinum, a 52-storey tower on City Rd near Kings Way in Perth, will have a vertical garden over seven levels - one of the world's biggest.

The Green Infrastructure Project hosted by the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

Botanical Gardens of Adelaide have recently completed a significant document - the Green Infrastructure Evidence Base - a review of research and literature from around the world on the values and benefits of Green Infrastructure.


Neighbourhoods will be turned into "neighbourwoods" as part of a new program to turn Sydney's hot spots into cool urban forests.

Research Project on the Rooftop of ANZ House in Adelaide, South Australia

Current research in Adelaide involves monitoring thermal performance, water quality and useage, and plant performance characteristics of extensive and intensive green roof beds on the 22nd level rooftop of ANZ House in Adelaide.


International News

Green infrastructure upgrades to protect waterways from raw sewage, USA

King County and the city of Seattle have agreed to invest in major upgrades to local sewage and combined stormwater collection, piping and treatment under settlements with the Department of Justice and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Rooftop gardens spring up in the Pee Dee, USA

Plants on the roof? A gable garden? What the heck is going on?

Researchers produce findings of green planted-roof pilot study, New Zealand

The University Of Canterbury (UC) is investigating the benefits of green planted-roofs for the New Zealand built-environment.

Landscape Park Duisburg: Re-Use of Abandoned Land, Germany

Have you ever walked in a park between old industrial buildings getting a scent of the industrial era, while having a thousand things to explore?









Recent Projects

Singapore ITE Headquarters & College Central

Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education’s College Central has made a bold statement to embrace Singapore’s transformation into a ‘City in a Garden.’ Green walls up to 35 m (115 feet) high covered the facades of eight campus blocks, together totalling 5,324 sq m (57,307 sq ft), making it the largest vertical greenery installation at a single development in the world.

In addition, Elmich Extensive Green Roof system greened 2,400 sq m of rooftop space atop three campus blocks. Pearl Grass was selected for its heat tolerance and low maintenance. An automated pop-up sprinkler irrigation system was installed to ensure that a rich jade-green is sustained on the rooftops.

The living walls are part of the college’s “Vertical Greening – An Eco-Initiative” drive to be eco-friendly whilst offering a conducive learning environment for its students.


Book Recommendation

Ecosystem services come to town: Greening cities by working with nature

by Gary Grant

Book description:

The need to find new approaches to the development of cities is becoming increasingly urgent in this age of continuing population growth, demographic transition, climate change, fossil fuel peak and biodiversity losses. Restoring ecosystem services and promoting biodiversity is essential to sustainable development – even in the built environment.

Ecosystem Services come to Town: greening cities by working with nature demonstrates how to make urban environments greener. It starts by explaining how, by mimicking nature and deliberately creating habitats to provide ecosystem services, cities can become more efficient and more pleasant to live in.  The history of cities and city planning is covered with the impacts of industrial urban development described, as well as the contemporary concerns of biodiversity loss, peak oil and climate change.

The later sections offer solutions to the challenges of sustainable urban development by describing and explaining a whole range of approaches and interventions, beginning at the regional scale with strategic green infrastructure, looking at districts and precincts, with trees, parks and rain gardens and ending with single buildings, including with green roofs and living walls.

Technical enough to be valuable to practitioners but still readable and inspirational, this guide demonstrates to town planners, urban designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects how to make cities more liveable.


Past Events


13-15 May: 3rd International Green Roof Congress, Hamburg, Germany

21-22 May: Grey to Green – The Economics of Green Infrastructure, Toronto, Canada

24 – 26 May: Roof India 2013, Chennai, India


5 June: World Environment Day


5-6-7 July: Queensland Garden Expo

Upcoming Events

30 July: SYMPOSIUM: Green Roofs and Walls for Sustainable Cities

Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne
For more information please visit website.


9-13 September: WGIN -World Green Infrastructure Conference, Nantes, France

17-19 September: GREENBUILD ASIA 2013 Exhibition & Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19-22 September: 2013 World Green Roof Congress (WGRC), Nanjing, China


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