NYC Green Infrastructure Plan

Posted on Sun, 2012-07-08 17:50 by matt
This Green Infrastructure Plan presents an alternative approach to improving water quality that integrates ―green infrastructure,‖ such as swales and green roofs, with investments to optimize the existing system and to build targeted, smaller scale grey‖ or traditional infrastructure. This is a multi-pronged, modular, and adaptive approach to a complicated problem that will provide widespread, immediate benefits at a lower cost.

'Green Roofs' for Green Homes

The green roof of Parliament House from above Photo by Carl Davies
Posted on Sun, 2012-03-25 00:14 by admin
Energy could be saved by creating green roofs and walls covered with plant life such as grass, moss or creepers. Scientists have found green surfaces can reduce the need for air conditioning on hot days by causing local temperatures to drop. Research was carried out by Eleftheria Alexandri and Phil Jones at the Welsh School of Architecture in the UK. They used computer models to find out how temperatures can vary when buildings are covered in greenery.