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Scotland Green

Posted on Wed, 2018-09-19 16:57 by matt

SCOTTISH cities are rich in history and heritage, attracting international tourists and revenue. But with the Scottish urban population growing at record rates, with most residing in the central belt and urban areas, work needs to be done to ensure the high quality of life and living spaces in major towns is preserved.

Biophilic design key to making Singapore a city in a garden

Posted on Mon, 2018-06-25 17:37 by APowell

Having long been known as the Garden City, Singapore has now set its sights on becoming a City in a Garden.

Used to the abundance of plants and trees well integrated into our parks, roads, waterways and even our buildings, when visiting places overseas, many Singaporeans often find it uncomfortable when they are surrounded by the concrete jungle with little green in sight.

A 15% cut in the energy bill with a 40% reduction of the direct solar radiation in dwellings and a lower indoor temperature by up to 3 degrees thanks to plants grown on roofs, balconies and external walls. These are part of the outcomes of the Italian pilot project ENEA is conducting at its research center near Rome.