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Paris Urban Green

Posted on Tue, 2019-08-27 16:52 by matt


€72m makeover will create mile-long stretch of pools, fountains and parks.

A garden stretches for a mile, free of cars with one of the world’s most recognisable monuments at its centre. Crossing the river on a tree-lined and lawned bridge, the roar of traffic has been replaced by the sound of water from fountains.


Posted on Sun, 2019-08-18 23:33 by matt


The concept being to REPLACE the LANDSCAPE on the roof surface. It maynot be deep soil connectivity but the minimum soil profile of 250mm sustains plants and provides insulation. By treading lightly on the site, the architects crafted a modernist multigenerational family retreat—the Peconic House—that blends into its meadow setting with a lush green roof, Corten steel exterior and timber interior.

GreenRoof Food

Posted on Mon, 2019-08-12 14:59 by matt

Wherever insects abound, various species of birds tend to thrive, too. Yet invasive agricultural practices, including the use of pesticides, and relentless urban sprawl pose increasing threats to insects, birds and other wild animals, especially in places where space is already at a premium.

But if expanding green spaces horizontally isn’t possible, there is always another way: expanding them vertically.

Toronto Going Greener

Posted on Mon, 2019-07-15 17:55 by matt

Toronto is raising its game when it comes to vertical neighbourhoods.

Increasingly, a city that works and lives in the sky will play there, too.

Elevated recreational areas, already common in condos and office towers, are now being incorporated into public developments in places where land is at a premium and cost prohibitive.

Green Bus Shelters

Posted on Mon, 2019-07-15 17:26 by matt

Utrecht, a city in Holland, the Netherlands, recently gave makeovers to 316 bus stops, outfitting them with "green roofs," The roofs are covered with sedum flowers and other plants, which act as an oasis for bees. Plus, the added greenery has a slew of other positive environmental effects.